Bourbon and Boweties February 06 2014

 “Bourbon and Boweties” is a new up and coming brand that sells unique and beautiful jewelry. This company originated down south and is now making its way throughout the country. These bracelets are debuting themselves on the arms of celebrities and fashionistas everywhere. They are also becoming a popular trend throughout social media and ranking in thousands of friends on their Bourbon and Boweties fan pages.

Every bracelet created has a distinguished look to them, making everyone different in a special way. The trend with these bracelets is to wear a few at a time and mix up the colors that they offer. The bracelets that they have are crafted with beautiful stones varying in colors from light gray and pearl to vibrant purple, turquoise, or orange. Another type of bracelet they offer are gold and silver coins from different countries, each coin has an extraordinary look to them. The setting to each bracelet is a gold bangle with three stones or coins to them making them stand out on your arm. Whether you’re wearing one bracelet or five these bracelets will catch the eye of everyone!