charles Viancin

Holiday Party Clean up? No problem. Plop and done. November 30 2013

Holiday Party Clean up? No problem.  Plop and done.


Charles Viancin Lids are the answer to all of your cooking and food storing needs. All you must simply do is plop the lid onto your pan, dish, or pot and you are ready to go. You can utilize it while cooking on the stove, baking in the oven, chilling in the fridge, or storing leftovers in the freezer. Gone are the days of searching for the right lid that goes to the right container. Gone are the days of the plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Bye-bye frustration and hello stylish simplicity.


Come on by and pick up a few for yourself and your holiday party hostess. You will surely be invited back after making a clean up a breeze.